The Levi & Dorothy Shaw Memorial Library

Posted by Diana McIntyre-pike on Saturday, December 12, 2015

Uncle Hopie Levi Shaw at 93 years old sharing his desire for the Clifton Boys Home library - not to be a show piece but a place that will be used to assist with the education of the boys -he was delighted to be honoured with it being dedicated to him and his late wife Dorothy Shaw.

The Original Proposal for the Renovation of the Library

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2005 Annual News Report

Clifton Boys' Home Newsletter
2015 Annual News Report


The US chapter of the Clifton Boys' Home under the umbrella of the Florida non-profit corporation, Jamaican Cultural Connection, is pleased to bring you our year-end Report of a successful year's work on behalf of the orphanage. As a reminder, CBH provides food, shelter, instruction and a family atmosphere for 30 orphaned boys since 1958.


  • Our traditional bun sales held at Easter time raised $1,355 which was used to fund the Christmas treat. Thank you for your continued generosity over many years!

  • Our first annual online Raffle drawing took place during the annual Christmas Luncheon on December 12th 2015 at Clifton Boy’s Home in Darliston Westmoreland Jamaica. Many of you participated and for that, we are most grateful!! The Raffle only achieved 66% of our goal but we think it was a great success for the first time out. We had 366 views. 43 supporters contributed $3550.00 (71 tickets), resulting in a net income of $3,287.30.

2015 Projects

  • Christmas luncheon
    For many years, the annual luncheon was held at the Mandeville Hotel, a two-hour drive from the Home. Since we planned to have the library completed, we decided to bring the luncheon to grounds of the Home this year; picnic style, on Saturday December 12th. It was a grand success, complete with tent, jerk pork, BBQ chicken, sorrel, etc.! The boys were each presented with back packs containing pencils, composition books, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, socks and pens. Approximately 65 persons, including staff and students, representatives from Sandals, Couples, and friends of the Boys' Home (local and USA), including the Right Rev. Leon Golding, Suffragan Bishop of Montego Bay enjoyed the meal together on a perfect day in the cool hills of Darliston.

  • Library
    The financial contributions from the Raffle funded 1)the pickup of the donated supplies (books, shelving, desks and chairs) in Florida; 2)shipping and freight charges; 3)transportation to and installation at the boys’ Home; 4) final repairs - including painting, new electrical service to the library (which is detached from the main building); 5)internet connection along with 6 months of service (awaiting installation); 6)rental of tent, tables and chairs for the Christmas Luncheon. Other financial and labour contributions installed new tile.
    At the occasion, the library was blessed, dedicated to the glory of God and named "Levi and Dorothy Shaw Library", in honor of our special guest and his late wife. All participants toured the finished library.

Special Mention

  • St. Jude Catholic School, Boca Raton, Florida – all furnishings including books, bookcases and library furniture were donated by St. Jude.

  • Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Mission Team - funded and provided tile installation, roof repair and book shelves' construction on the library during their 2-day visit as part of their mission experience.

  • Phillip and Christine Gore Foundation, Kingston, Jamaica – brought in all the above-mentioned supplies; Customs cleared them, transported them to its warehouse and housed until pickup, FREE of charge.

  • Levi 'Hopie' Shaw, at 93 years old, was able to attend the occasion and be Guest of Honor.

Please visit our web site to view pictures of the event.

We look forward to 2016. Shortly, we will be bringing you, Clifton Boys' Home supporters, our vision for this year along with how you can help.

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